Collaborators of Sukebeningen


Chiaki Horita is a dancer and choreographer based in the Netherlands. She has been studying dance since 8 years old, has been awarded a scholarship to attended the Summer School of the Washington School of Ballet. In 2006, she joined the Noism dance company in Japan as a trainee and since 2008, works at the Nederland Dans Theatre II.

olfactory art

Maki Ueda is an 'olfactory artist' who in her current practice incorporates the sense of smell in art. She is one of the few artists in the world using smell as a medium and that resulted in being nominated for The World Technology Award 2009 category Art. She studied media art at Keio University, Japan. Based in NL since 2002. http://www.ueda.nl


Ryoko Imai is a Japanese percussionist, She has finished her master program in the Tokyo College of Music Graduate School, and she is currently pursuing her percussion studies in Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In 2009, at the PENDIM International Percussion Competition, she won the 2nd prize, and she got two special prizes. She has played music in Japan, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria and Serbia. http://www.ryokoimai.pt.la


Yuki Hatazawa (artist name as OYUKI) was born 1982, Japan. She studied Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan, and Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Holland. Her major is graphic art, speciality Lithographic print making and drawing. She got a 1st prize of Allianz Grafiekprijz 2008. She also had been collaborating with international music band, Nicad, as a animation creator. http://www.oyuki.nl


Masaaki Oyamada is a graphic and stamp artist. He learned design at Vantan Design Institute in Tokyo. From 2005, as a graphic artist, he works in NL and SE. He designed various label such as Hineken, and Amstel. From 2010, he started a project ONE STAMP in a day, which create personalized stamp from interview. His graphic studio is founded in 2011 in NL, and he had a solo stamp exhibition in Rotterdam. http://www.masaakioyamada.com

erotic instrument

Kenichi Takahana (aka. DJ Kexxx) is a Japanese artist, DJ, musician, and designer. He is active both as a dance music DJ and as an improviser improvising with timecoded vinyl and custom software written in Max/MSP. He also develop electric instruments. His current creative output encompasses not only music composition and performance, but also sound installation works. http://kexxx.org