The members of Sukebeningen

Noriko Koide

is a Japanese composer, received her master's degree of music summa cum laude from Tokyo College of Music in 2008. She currently studies composition in Conservatory of Amsterdam with Wim Henderiex. Her works have obtained numerous awards, and range from solid contemporary music to fluid improvisation and pops. Therefore she is a member of the Japanese lovely avant-garde pops unit Kishibojin Fumin Girls.

Yota Morimoto

is a sound artist born in Brazil (with M.A. in Sonology, Ph.D. in composition). His works explore unconventional approaches to generating and transmitting sound, implementing models of noise, turbulence and abstract machines. He has performed in festivals and conferences such as TodaysArt [the hague], NWEAMO [morelia], Transmediale [berlin], ICMC [belfast], SMC [porto], and ISEA [ruhr].

Akane Takada

is a pianist, graduated from Tokyo College of Music, Royal Conservatory Den Haag and Rotterdam Conservatory with M.A. She developed her contemporary music repertoire while involved in the Ligeti Academy and performing premiere of composers' pieces. Both as a soloist and as a member of ensembles, she plays in international music festivals and master classes. Besides the piano, she also studied the Koto and Javanese Gamelan.